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Monday Apr 09, 2012

Helloooooo Nobody,

This is our last episode of Cherie & Al Cry About the Internet! Sad. But, we have Jean, Queen of the Internet as our special guest! Happy.
We’re talking about tumblr and twitter – the two things we pretty much fail to understand at all, so it’s lucky Jean knows heaps about them both.
We talk about things and we love bullet points:
- Hoarding
- Porn on tumblr
- Forest Gump
- Zach Galafinakis NAKED (we told you it was x-rated)
- Bragging (because, as we’ve learned, that’s the internet’s main function)
- The Tragic Bromance of Mordecai & Rufus
- Creepy twitter-stalking of celebrities
- We’re all getting meaner. Because of the internet.

Thanks heaps for listening to these podcasts – if you’re in Wellington, come to our show, Nucking Futs, and talk to us about the internet afterwards! Or about Huntly! Both feature pretty prominently in the show. We’re on at BATS Theatre from the 12th – 21st April.
ALSO. Jean’s great tumblrs are:
Take a look, follow, have time!

Good night and good luck.

PS: The usual business of us not writing the material or claiming any rights to it. Special mention should go to The Honey Sisters – whose song Crybaby is our intro/outro music. Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the movie Crybaby that this song is from, YOU REALLY SHOULD.

Podcast 5: Te Party Nui

Sunday Apr 01, 2012

Sunday Apr 01, 2012

Hi nobody!
Oh dear, welcome to an inside look at our hysterical lives - this is what often happens as we get close to a show going up. So, sorry. It's PG13.
This week we're talking about facebook! THE BIG ONE. This includes:
- Inappropriate reactions to KFC
- The boring and awkward rubbish people put on facebook
- Cherie and Al's Golden Facebook Rule
- Dreambook, Hatebook and Bragbook
- Gender equality in comedy
- Is Al a hipster?
- Cherie's hot stalking tips
As you can see, it's pretty dense. So much infotainment. All for you. Also, OMG Nucking Futs opens at BATS Theatre in just over a week! How excitement.
Warm Regards,
PS: We didn't write the music but the people who did are really talented and cool and you should pay them for their music if you're going to listen to it. BYE.

Monday Mar 26, 2012

To our beloved no-one,

This week we’re talking about buying stuff on the internet – obviously Kate Clarkin still makes it into the conversation heaps so don’t even worry. In case you want to check off things as you listen for an interactive experience, here are things we tlak about:
- Failed purchases
-The sandwich in the handbag
- Inappropriate fundraising
- Flathunting / Bragfests
- Do you have a bitch face?
- Harry Potter fan fiction
- Retweeting in actual conversation: childish and annoying.
NB: Also I realise that I say that I will edit out some of Cherie's less-than-great comedy in this. Cherie: I didn't. I'm a faceless liar. From Al.
Also - we open in two and a bit weeks! You can get a-bookin' at bats.co.nz.
Yours forever,
PS: OBVIOUSLY the music in this is great. OBVIOUSLY we didn't write it. OBVIOUSLY if you like some music on this you should ask us what it is and then go out and buy it. CLEARLY. 

Sunday Mar 18, 2012

Hello to our six listeners!
This is a lot like the time we did a show to nine people one night (except slightly sadder, because it's less people for a free podcast). It really closes the gap between performer and audience. So Jean, Cam, Anita, Kate, Martyn and Ally - how y'all doing? Alriiiiight!
This week we're talking about youtube. We mix it up by sharing actually interesting facts and also  by missing some quite key facts, which have been pointed out since the recording. Like, the reason people use youtube over other online resources is because it's free and you don't have to have a separate domain. WE KNOW THESE THINGS NOW. So don't get angry and give up on us. Thanks.
Some discussion points:
- Cherie's crush on the guy from Moving Stationery - part 2.
- The best and worst of youtube
- Our personal fame on youtube
- As with a few podcasts,  our conversation defaults to talking  about our friend Kate. She's just a fascinating woman.
- We possibly make fun of someone's religious name? Still unconfirmed.
- General hilarity.
In conclusion, have a listen, tell your friends.
Thank you! You've been great, we've been comedy! Goodnight!
PS: As always, we didn't write any of the awesome music in the background, although we did select it, so we have great taste and should be praised for that. Anyway,  pay for music! Respect intellectual property rights! Partay!

Sunday Mar 11, 2012

Hi nobody (and Kate, thanks for the comment!),
This week, so much is happening. We're talking about memes. We grapple with the big issues, like the urge to hilariously mispronounce words. Did you know if you "meme" a certain way, it sounds like a Maori word for urinating? We're here to bring this kind of important stuff into your world.
Cherie shares  deeply moving stories about memes in the workplace, hitting on people anonymously at BATS Theatre, and wearing her own face on a t-shirt. Hamilton gets a shout-out. Al remembers her Waikato Times fame from her teenage years, and reflects on her nickname Suck-craft Lodge. Hysteria sets in. This post is pretty much a live-blog of the podcast. Talk about lazy.
Well, we've all learned many things today. Hope you enjoy the podcast.
Intimate feelings,
PS: As before,there is a lot of great music in the background of the podcast. We don't claim any creative rights over it, and encourage you to buy the music you like - artists need shoes too.

Sunday Mar 04, 2012

Hi no-one,
Here is our first podcast for the show Nucking Futs, where Cherie and Al cry about the internet. Cry cry cry.
It's just an introductory podcast and there aren't a millionty jokes, so, sorry. They get better! As does the editing! Discussion points:
- Cherie discovers podcasts
- Cool galaxies & one day the sun will envelop us
- What if the internet were a physical thing?
- Emoticon ettiquette
- Gender awareness in the Carterton video store
K bye.
full.stop.theatre PS: There is a lot of great music on here in the background - we didn't write any of it. PAY 4 MUSIC 4 LYFE!

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